Publications & Lectures

Publications and Lectures

PhD study:


Juretzek, Saskia (2015): Coping with Sustainability Dilemmas when implementing Corporate Sustainability Strategies - A Delphi-study on competencies and surrounding conditions for coping with Sustainability Dilemmas.


Link to the full text (German only). English summary of PhD topic.





The sustainability challenge #2: It makes good business sense – so why are corporate sustainability strategies not implemented more successfully?, on: LinkedIn, 9/2017.


The sustainability challenge #1: Choosing the harder path. The journey towards a job in corporate sustainability, on: LinkedIn, 5/2017.


Die Bewältigung von Dilemmata im Rahmen der Umsetzung von Corporate Sustainability-Strategien, in: Springer - UmweltWirtschaftsForum 11/2016.


What does it take to successfully implement Corporate Sustainability?, in: Women in Cleantech & Sustainability 02/2015.


Rahmenbedingungen der Corporate Sustainability (Social Media) - Kommunikation; in: Wagner, R. et al., CSR und Social Media. Unternehmerische Verantwortung in sozialen Medien wirkungsvoll vermitteln, Springer, 2014.

Erste Erkenntnisse: Corporate Sustainability Dilemmata in Nachhaltigkeitsentscheidungen, in: CSR-News 08/2013.


Erste Erkenntnisse zu Dilemmata in Nachhaltigkeitsentscheidungen, in: KarmaKonsum 08/2013.


Die Widerspruchs-Manager, in: Forum Nachhaltig Wirtschaften 11/2012.


Dilemmata in Nachhaltigkeitsentscheidungen, in: KarmaKonsum 09/2012.





Interview with Huffington Post: Über welche Kompetenzen sollte ein Corporate Sustainability Manager verfügen?, 07/2017.


Interview with Huffington Post: CR Management - Interview mit Dr. Saskia Juretzek über ein Job-Zielbild und sein Profil, 02/2017.


Interview with Prof. Dr. Gerd Michelsen: Was macht eigentlich..?, 01/2017.


Interview with BCC-Consulting: Erfolgreiche Nachhaltigkeitsmanager - was macht den Unterschied?, 04/2015.


Interview with LifeVERDE: Die Widerspruchsmanager, 06/2015.





"The Sustainability Dilemma Manager" at fulltime MBA at Mannheim Business School, 01/2018. Guest lecture.


Sustainability Management with On Purpose Berlin, 08/2017. Guest lecture/Training.


"The Sustainability Dilemma Manager" at fulltime MBA at Mannheim Business School, 01/2017. Guest lecture.


Corporate Sustainability Management at amd Bachelor Mode- und Design-Management, 09/2016-09/2017. Lectureship.


Corporate Sustainability Management at h_da Bachelor in Business psychology, 10/2015-09/2016. Lectureship.


"The Sustainability Dilemma Manager" at Chair in Psychology of TU Munich, 2013 - 2017. Guest lectures.


"Sustainability Leadership/Management" at the Corporate Sustainability Seminar at TU Munich, 06/2016 and 05/2013. Guest lectures.


"Sustainability Management" at Bachelor Mode Design of amd München, 12/2015. Guest lecture.


"Ethical Decision Making" at HSBA Master Global Management & Governance, 01/2015. Guest lecture.


"The Sustainability Dilemma Manager" at the international CSR Conference at Humboldt University Berlin, 10/2014. Guest lecture.